Adolescent Cannabis Use Can Impact Sleep Habits

Exploring Interventions for Sleep Disorders in Adolescent Cannabis Users

The effects of cannabis on sleep are varied and dependent on dosage and the component of cannabis in question. For instance, low doses of cannabidiol (CBD) have an energizing effect, while higher doses can prompt drowsiness. Cannabis use among adolescents results in similar although occasionally more pronounced effects on sleep than among adults. Previous studies have reported a relationship between cannabis use and an individual’s “sleep duration, self-reported sleep problems, and insomnia.” Furthermore, many newcomers to cannabis approach the plant as an aid to sleep, and regular cannabis use may result. This may lead to an increase in tolerance and, upon attempts to quit, a disruption in sleep and REM may rebound. At a time when sleep is crucial to development, considering the wide field of unknowns and potential impact, adolescents should proceed cautiously, and with restraint, when consuming cannabis.

Benjamin Caplan, MDAdolescent Cannabis Use Can Impact Sleep Habits

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