Low Doses of Cannabis Improve Sperm Count

In Summary:

A recent study has found that “Men who had ever smoked marijuana had higher sperm concentration and count and lower serum FSH concentra- tions than men who had never smoked marijuana; no differences were observed between current and past marijuana smokers.” Cannabinoid receptors are found in several components of the male sexual reproductive system, including the testes, vas deferens, and human sperm cells, and the activation of the receptors seems to be dose-dependent (greater action follows greater dosages.) Participants who had consumed lower doses had higher sperm count and concentration but participants who had consumed high doses had lower sperm count and concentration. Further research is needed to confirm causation.

There is a body of research supported by the National Institute for Drug Abuse, in humans and animal models, that has shown that so-called “abusive exposure” to marijuana smoking may adversely impact spermatogenesis. Data is less clear for moderate consumption levels and multiple studies have found higher serum testosterone concentrations among marijuana consumers.

Some important notes in the article:

The results may not be generalizable to all men. They used self-report as a tool of assessing cannabis exposure, which comes with fair reason to question the precision of the data collected. They also note that “these findings are not consistent with a deleterious effect of marijuana on testicular function. Whether these findings are reflective of the previously described role of the endocannabinoid system in spermatogenesis or a spurious association requires confirmation in further studies.”

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