Interventions by Nursing Staff Aids in the Recovery of Addicts

The effectiveness of a brief motivational nursing intervention to reduce psychoactive substance consumption in entertainment-sector workers- transversal, observation, and semi-experimental study

In Summary

In this observational study followed by a small experiment, it was revealed that addicts attempting to recover from substance abuse were benefited by an intervention from nursing staff. Addiction continues to claim the lives of many members of society, which could be heard as a calling for the development of effective treatment plans to help addicts recover. This work aims to test the effectiveness of outside motivation during recovery. Addicts in support groups found benefit from intervention during their recovery as the presenters facilitated an increase in self-motivation. 

This study highlights the prevalence of abuse among entertainment workers. Certain areas of work maintain a celebratory culture that is almost synonymous with drug culture in today’s society. There are members of the greater community who are at higher risk of substance abuse than others, yet few outreach and education programs designate dedicated focus to support these groups. As substance abuse continues, federal health programs will need to be implemented to help prevent members of society from engaging in dangerous behavior. Motivating them to disengage from dangerous activity is one such intervention!

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Benjamin Caplan, MDInterventions by Nursing Staff Aids in the Recovery of Addicts