Long-Term Administration of CBD has No Effect on Cognitive Function

Cognitive functioning following long-term cannabidiol use in adults with treatment-resistant epilepsy

In Summary

A recent study has revealed that the cognitive function of adults taking cannabidiol (CBD) to treat their treatment-resistant epilepsy (TRE) was not affected by long-term use. Analysis of the study revealed no correlation between cognitive change scores and CBD dose, nor was there a correlation between change in seizure severity and cognitive test performance. Cognitive dysfunction commonly occurs comorbidly to TRE so it is important to note CBD has yet to show the ability to repair cognitive function but it will not further hinder cognitive function. 

This post highlights the limitations of research for cannabis despite CBD being approved by the FDA to treat rare forms of epilepsy. This is because of a lack of a control group, which would be provided by adults not suffering from TRE but consuming the same dose of CBD or by adults suffering from TRE but not taking medication. If cannabis, or even just CBD, were supported for medical use at the federal level researchers would be able to create much more efficacious treatments within a more rapid time-frame. 

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