Binge Drinking While Using Cannabis Affects Brain Structure

Binge and Cannabis Co-Use Episodes in Relation to White Matter Integrity in Emerging Adults

In Summary

Researchers have recently revealed that the co-use of cannabis and alcohol can have deleterious effects on white matter in the brain. White matter integrity is frequently used as a measure of cognitive function and the negative effects of cannabis and alcohol on the white matter suggest a decrease of cognitive function in co-users. These negative effects were especially severe in co-users who frequented binge-drinking patterns. Researchers also found that those who co-used cannabis and alcohol were more likely to abuse more severe substances. These findings may prove useful when recommending cannabis for certain individuals whose cognitive function or abuse patterns are in question.

 This article highlights the nonlinear pattern that the effects of cannabis, meaning that too much cannabis can actually have negative effects rather than positive benefits. A way around negative effects from overindulging on cannabis when looking to alleviate symptoms from an ailment is micro-dosing. Micro-dosing refers to the practice of consuming the minimum amount of cannabis necessary to alleviate symptoms while avoiding possible psychoactive effects or anxiety. Micro-dosing is generally a safer way to ensure proper cannabis dosing as there is very little information or research to suggest a general dose for specific ailments.

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