Cannabidiol Decreases Skin Inflammation

Cannabis sativa L. extract and cannabidiol inhibit in vitro mediators of skin inflammation and wound injury

In Summary

A recent study has revealed the effectiveness of cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabis extracts in the inhibition of skin inflammation. CBD was proven to be just as effective in the inhibition of inflammatory processes as the cannabis extract, proving that CBD is the main powerhouse behind the effects of the extract. Researchers determined that CBD was mediating the inflammation by inhibiting the nuclear factor-kappa B (NF-κB) pathway. By understanding the mechanism behind CBD’s inhibition of inflammatory processes researchers have a solid foundation to develop novel therapies for inflammatory skin conditions. 

This report emphasizes the beneficial effects of different cannabinoids and how isolating those compounds may prove more useful than whole chemical components of cannabis. Cannabinoids have a myriad of effects and interact with mechanisms differently meaning that they provide a myriad of therapeutic benefits. By isolating each cannabinoid and elucidating its effect novel therapies could be developed that utilize the effects of one cannabinoid while discarding undesired effects of a separate cannabinoid, tailoring each therapy for specific ailments. 

The study is available for review or download here

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