Physician’s Role as Providers for Cannabis

Lost in the Haze- The Physician’s Role in Cannabinoid Prescribing and Advising

In Summary

A recent publication has come out providing commentary on physicians uncertainty of their role in medical cannabis. Providers have to be appropriately licensed and can find the federal legal status of cannabis intimidating, limiting the number of physicians who are comfortable recommending medical cannabis. Considering the number of local governments approving medical cannabis, the author suggests that physicians and pharmacists familiarize themselves with the pharmacological properties of the different cannabinoids and how various consumption methods alter the effects of those cannabinoids. 

This article highlights the difficulties in obtaining medical cannabis from affordable and trusted sources. As medical cannabis is not yet supported by the federal government it can be daunting to find a prescription for medical cannabis, a physician willing to discuss the effects and knowledgeable enough to know all of the current research and to afford cannabis once a medical license is obtained. Insurance is unable to help and cannabis is expensive due to the cultivation process and private funding. 

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