Patients with Epilepsy are Seeking out Recreational Cannabis

Marijuana use among patients with epilepsy at a tertiary care center

In Summary

 A recent study has revealed that patients diagnosed with epilepsy in Oregon are self-medicating with recreational cannabis. Researchers analyzed voluntary survey results from an epilepsy clinic and found that those who found cannabis very effective or just effective for treating their epilepsy symptoms most frequently sought out cannabis from recreational and medical facilities. Although Edioplex® is a cannabidiol (CBD) based product that is federally approved its availability is extremely limited. Most patients from the clinic reported utilizing strains or products high in CBD and were frequently unable to report exact doses, with only two reporting the number of milligrams utilized on a daily basis. 

This article highlights the dangers of consuming cannabis that has little to no regulation. Although patients from the clinic most frequently obtained cannabis products from recreational and medical dispensaries, some obtained their cannabis from home-growers and friends. Regulations for dispensaries are already limited as they are state-governed programs and there are frequently inconsistencies across state lines. Home-growers and friends who have access are not facing any sort of regulation and likely provide inconsistent and possibly dangerous products. Those seeking medical cannabis products need to be able to access regulated dispensaries selling reliable products. 

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Benjamin Caplan, MDPatients with Epilepsy are Seeking out Recreational Cannabis