Smoking Cannabis May Lead to Lung Cancer

The association between marijuana smoking and lung cancer

In Summary

More than a decade ago a systematic review determined that the plausibility of developing lung cancer from smoking cannabis. After filtering through the appropriate research 19 manuscripts were analyzed during the review with the majority of the manuscripts concluding that smoking cannabis is likely to result in the development of premalignant lung changes and lung cancer. It is suggested that physicians who recommend cannabis also advise their patients about the carcinogens in cannabis smoke and the possibility of developing lung cancer, although the author calls for more rigorous studies to validate these suggestions. 

The risk of lung cancer emphasizes the importance of discussing which method of consumption is appropriate for their needs. Patients should discuss cannabis use with their physicians and should be careful to mind which cannabinoids they aim to use and the method of consumption as both those factors can greatly affect the potency and perceived effects. Topicals are generally non-psychoactive even when they contain THC; vapor is much more efficient than smoking and contains fair less harmful products due to the heating method; edibles and tinctures are two methods of consumption that provide very different effects and can be tailored to each individual. Consume cannabis responsibly and continue reading blogs like this one or other well-researched articles to remain fully aware of current findings.

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