About CED Foundation

Created in 2017, the CED Foundation is dedicated to combating, through education and information, stigmas associated with the usage of cannabis. Advances in science, medical research, and product controls today underscore the ability of medicinal cannabis to be a viable and empowering treatment option for patients. Founder, Dr. Ben Caplan, believes that discussions concerning cannabis, and knowledge concerning its benefits, must be more accessible if the negative ideas surrounding cannabis are to be overcome. The CED Foundation seeks to shine a light upon research, data, and science which support medicinal cannabis’ beneficial aspects.

About Benjamin Caplan, M.D.

Dr. Caplan created the CED Clinic in order to provide individuals suffering from a wide variety of conditions and illnesses an option for exploring medicinal cannabis as a treatment plan. As a full-spectrum family medicine physician, he has overseen many positive outcomes and witnessed his patients’ improved healing, health, and wellness through a more precise application of cannabis medicine. His efforts at dispelling misinformation concerning medicinal cannabis culminated in his founding the CED Foundation, where he also serves as Chief Medical Officer.

Dr. Caplan is a graduate of Williams College, and the Tufts University School of Medicine, who completed his residency at Boston Medical Center. He is board certified in Family Medicine by the American Board of Family Medicine and works as a primary care and urgent care physician at several other premier health care facilities in Boston. Dr. Caplan provides continuing and comprehensive health care for individuals and families. His practice includes pediatrics, adolescent care, adult medicine, geriatrics, and OBGYN, as well as sports medicine, psychiatry, integrative medicine, and telemedicine.

About CED Clinic

The CED Clinic exists for those seeking a full-spectrum family medicine option as well a physician with expertise and knowledge concerning the usage of medicinal cannabis. Dr. Caplan provides continuing and comprehensive health care options and is also available for cannabis advisory and care services. He sees patients in person at the Clinic. To schedule an appointment, please follow the link below.

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