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Cannabidiol Shows Promise for Reducing Binge Eating and Development of Obesity

Cannabidiol inhibits sucrose self‐administration by CB1 and CB2 receptor mechanisms in rodents

In Summary

A recent study has uncovered cannabidiol’s (CBD) potential for treating psychiatric disorders characterized by binge eating and preventing the development of obesity. Researchers found that the administration of CBD in rodents reduced the self-administration of sucrose. Although clinical studies are needed to provide further evidence, the current data provide solid evidence for a novel treatment for the reduction of binge eating and development of obesity via a mechanism within the endocannabinoid system. 

This article highlights the lack of treatment for obesity despite its prevalence among American society. Currently, there are no successful pharmacotherapies for obesity so the promising aspects of CBD as treatment warrant further research. CBD lowers the activity of the reward system in response to food, much like how it is thought to interact with opioids, and would, therefore, prevent people from seeking out food to engage in dangerous behavior.

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Benjamin Caplan, MDCannabidiol Shows Promise for Reducing Binge Eating and Development of Obesity
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