Video: Medical Cannabis Around the Globe & Across Centuries

Throughout the ages, from health & wellness, religious rituals, and textile applications to the entertainment and social elements, cannabis has been a vital part of multiple sectors of human culture.

For millions, the modern cannabis revival is a welcome return home to a core element that has been missing for years.


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Benjamin Caplan, MDVideo: Medical Cannabis Around the Globe & Across Centuries
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Marches Call for Decriminalization of Cannabis in Brazil

The Supreme Court of Brazil scheduled a voting session on decriminalization this coming Wednesday, but last week it was withdrawn from the court’s calendar. So, on Saturday, thousands of protestors gathered in Sao Paulo to participate in the March for the Decriminalization of Marijuana. Protestors begged lawmakers to decriminalize cannabis for both social justice and medical reasons. One protestor stated

“It is usually the poor and the blacks who get caught and sent to jail…You don’t see the rich kids from Jardins (an upper-class neighborhood) getting busted.”

In this sense, the protestor concluded, “criminalization becomes a weapon against the poor and blacks in this society.” Another protestor focused on the medical setbacks of criminalization, stating that, “I can imagine what it is like to have a son or daughter with a disease whose side effects can be reduced by the drug, but not able to get it because it is illegal.” Whether fighting for social justice or medical aid, the people of Brazil have spoken, and they encourage decriminalization.

Benjamin Caplan, MDMarches Call for Decriminalization of Cannabis in Brazil
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