Oncologists Communication with Chronic Medical Cannabis Users

Long-term medical cannabis use and risk factors for diversion- report on physician’s guidance and patients’ behaviour

A recent examination of long-term medical cannabis users has demonstrated the need for more consistent training of storage and disposal practices from oncologists. Chronic users tend to increase the dosage taken of medical cannabis over time due to tolerance; higher doses of cannabis are associated with dangerous storage and disposal practices. The current study calls for oncologists who recommend cannabis-based medicine to their patients to have more consistent training in safe storage and disposal methods to prevent patients from ingesting or giving away impure cannabis.

An important point brought up in this article is the pressure some patients experience from their peers to buy cannabis for multiple people with their medical marijuana identification card or certification. Physicians should be wary of this practice and support their patients, reminding them of the accidents that can happen when medications are shared.

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Benjamin Caplan, MDOncologists Communication with Chronic Medical Cannabis Users
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