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California veterinarians & Cannabis

Vets in CA can now discuss the use of cannabis for patients and their pets legally and soon, prescribe cannabis medication. Although there is still more much research to be done, adults can already legally buy products, so involving professional vets can help keep pets safe http://bit.ly/33dmbIK

Benjamin Caplan, MDCalifornia veterinarians & Cannabis
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Forbes feature: Solo Sciences

A worthy look at the future of consumer empowerment in cannabis and beyond: Solo Sciences, inc


Check out http://solosciences.com for more!

Benjamin Caplan, MDForbes feature: Solo Sciences
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Video: Medical Cannabis Around the Globe & Across Centuries

Throughout the ages, from health & wellness, religious rituals, and textile applications to the entertainment and social elements, cannabis has been a vital part of multiple sectors of human culture.

For millions, the modern cannabis revival is a welcome return home to a core element that has been missing for years.


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Benjamin Caplan, MDVideo: Medical Cannabis Around the Globe & Across Centuries
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Social Responsibility for the Cannabis Industry

With an emerging industry that has millions of dollars being fed into it, companies are trying to take social responsibility and operate with the public interest in mind. Things like this can narrow the gap of trust between industry, community, and policymakers, as well as fight stigma. https://nyp.st/2L4lKdp

Benjamin Caplan, MDSocial Responsibility for the Cannabis Industry
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Dispensaries that launched cannabis in West Hollywood can continue to sell recreational pot… for now

On Monday, the LA City Council decided to allow the city’s original 4 dispensaries to maintain temporary licenses to sell recreational marijuana. The dispensaries were set up in 2003, but in 2016, the council decided that the stores should compete with nearly 100 other dispensaries for just 8 licenses. None of the original stores secured top 8 spots, so now their owners fight to maintain the right to sell cannabis until the 8 other stores open shop.


Benjamin Caplan, MDDispensaries that launched cannabis in West Hollywood can continue to sell recreational pot… for now
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