Safely Marketing Cannabis Products

Marketing of legalized cannabis- a concern about poisoning

In Summary

A recent op-ed has come out to discuss the danger of marketing cannabis edibles as sweet treats or other types of food a child may accidentally consume. The author warns that manufacturers should boldly label their products if it contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and may pose a danger to nearby children. Often-times the recommended dose of a chocolate bar is only a few pieces, but for an adventurous child who wants chocolate, the entire bar may be consumed, resulting in the consumption of a very high dose of THC. The author of the piece calls for serious marketing restrictions for cannabis products, including vaporizer pens that look like e-cigarettes, in countries or states with legal cannabis. 

It’s interesting that this piece highlights the need for better marketing in concern for children’s accidental consumption but does not highlight proper storage for caretakers so that children are unable to access such products. Newer evolutions of cannabis edibles make them more convenient for public use as they are discreet, and taste better than other methods of consumption, which does make them appetizing for children. The marketing restrictions in the united states vary by state considering cannabis is only legal at state levels so each state has its own set of guidelines. What is consistent, is storage recommendations for dangerous substances around children. Like any pharmaceutical, cannabis should be kept out of children’s reach and in a sealed container for safety and freshness. 

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