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The Relation Between Conduct Disorder and Cannabis

Conduct disorder-related hospitalization and substance use disorders in American teens

In summary

Cannabis use was found to highly correlate with inpatients diagnosed with conduct disorder amongst teenagers. Although some cannabis use was self-reported by patients dealing with other psychiatric disorders, it was seen most significantly in those with conduct disorder (CD), suggesting a higher risk of comorbidity between CD and substance use disorders. Although cannabis use was the most common substance reported by patients it was closely followed by tobacco and alcohol use. The demographics of patients using cannabis varied although those suffering from CD and substance use disorder were primarily male and black. Further research should be conducted to develop efficient prevention strategies. 

Looking into the substance use frequency and patterns of stigmatized or marginalized groups is not often done leaving many populations without specialized treatment or prevention programs. If members of the male black population are at a higher risk of developing substance use disorders then our prevention efforts should address that population first and foremost. People begin using substances for different reasons although some motivations are common among certain populations. By examining the underlying motivation for substance use frequency members of the healthcare community may be able to develop custom prevention or treatment methods by utilizing psychology or another science to drastically decrease the frequency of substance use disorders in all populations. 

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