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Case Studies Expose Under Recognition of Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome

“Cannabis hyperemesis syndrome: still under-recognized after all these years

After two years of chronic vomiting and pain and dozens of trips to emergency rooms a 23-year-old woman was found to have cannabis hyperemesis syndrome (CHS). Physicians are still unable to recognize the early symptoms of CHS as cannabis use is still in a legal gray area in much of the country. A lack of research, recognition, and trust often prevents a quick diagnosis when an illness is related to cannabis, leading to multiple referrals and invasive tests.

CHS was first described 15 years ago yet it is not frequently recognized in patients. The case study featured in this blog post highlights patients and physicians’ outcry for tolerance and support so that cannabis-related illnesses can be efficiently and effectively engaged.

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Benjamin Caplan, MDCase Studies Expose Under Recognition of Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome
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