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Author’s Response to Discrepancies in Medical Cannabis Use

Medical Cannabis Use: The Authors Reply

In yesterday’s blog post, the discrepancies in the number of medical cannabis users were discussed and the suggestion arose that perhaps medical cannabis use may need stricter regulations. The author of the piece that inspired the letter featured in the post responded, highlighting the possibility that recreational cannabis is being used for medical purposes rather than users obtaining cannabis from more nefarious sources. The author points out that renewing medical licenses can be a hassle and in states where recreational cannabis has been legalized patients may just be obtaining their cannabis, used for medical purposes, from recreational dispensaries. Surveys that delve into this issue are needed to confirm the author’s hypothesis. 

Describing the medical process of obtaining a cannabis license as a hassle is, unfortunately, reported by many consumers. State governments are forced to run the regulatory processes, in the absence of federal support, and conservative politicians and opposition groups often create difficulty around opening dispensaries in their districts. On top of the expenses of renewing or obtaining a medical license, it may seem almost less confrontational for people who reside in a state or have access to recreational marijuana (from a state-regulated dispensary) simply to purchase recreational cannabis, rather than take the time to obtain a license. 

Of note, Massachusetts is one of the few states that has anticipated this circumstance and has codified protections and advantages of the medical program, into law. In Massachusetts, medical patients are incentivized through robust discounts (totaling greater than $2000 in discounts, and 20% cost reduction because of the absence of state taxation for medical patients.) Further, there are legal protections available only to medical patients, and the opportunity for delivery, which are not available to recreational consumers.

Benjamin Caplan, MDAuthor’s Response to Discrepancies in Medical Cannabis Use
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Forbes feature: Solo Sciences

A worthy look at the future of consumer empowerment in cannabis and beyond: Solo Sciences, inc

Check out for more!

Benjamin Caplan, MDForbes feature: Solo Sciences
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Woman-owned Cannabis in MA

Looking to support small businesses? Or women in cannabis? Caroline Frankel, owner of Caroline’s Cannabis, launched her dispensary in Uxbridge, MA earlier this year. Frankel’s boutique cannabis shop opened without the backing of wealthy investors, a board of directors, or an expensive legal team. The company is the first woman-owned small business and the first general applicant to be awarded a final license. Learn more here:

Benjamin Caplan, MDWoman-owned Cannabis in MA
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Massachusetts enshrines education requirements into the cannabis standard of care

Kudos to the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission for implementing a regulatory standard to ensure a sustained opportunity for education and knowledge improvement into the state’s cannabis industry and community.

Massachusetts has consistently shown outstanding leadership in the healthcare arena, and it’s thrilling to see that cannabis is treated no differently.

Already leading the cutting edge of research, education, and cannabis formulation development, CED Foundation is ready & eager to support our industry colleagues with education and guidance, here in MA, and worldwide.

Benjamin Caplan, MDMassachusetts enshrines education requirements into the cannabis standard of care
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Video: Medical Cannabis Around the Globe & Across Centuries

Throughout the ages, from health & wellness, religious rituals, and textile applications to the entertainment and social elements, cannabis has been a vital part of multiple sectors of human culture.

For millions, the modern cannabis revival is a welcome return home to a core element that has been missing for years.


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Benjamin Caplan, MDVideo: Medical Cannabis Around the Globe & Across Centuries
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Medical vs Rec

Many think medical marijuana laws will ultimately lead to adult-use, but this is not necessarily true, and for good reason. The medical industry recognizes that cannabis is a powerful medication and prioritizes its safety and health benefits, while so-called “recreational” or “adult use” cannabis seems to focus more on making money and supporting the pleasurable aspects of the plant.

Interestingly, at CED Clinic, we’re seeing more and more patients come in from the “adult-use.” Whether it’s a desire for comprehensive education (anything we put into our bodies has effects), personalizing a medical plan that considers short-term and long-term impact, or simply having a knowledgeable person to support individual choices and empowerment on an individual journey, we find that our patients enjoy learning and riding the cutting edge of the science of cannabis!

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Benjamin Caplan, MDMedical vs Rec
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Cannabis Cafes coming to MA

Massachusetts has come one step closer to a pilot program involving cannabis cafes across the state. This will also bring about more licenses for cannabis delivery and social consumption, as a less capital-intensive option for entrepreneurs to enter the industry.

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Benjamin Caplan, MDCannabis Cafes coming to MA
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Massachusetts patients Initial Access option

Exciting note to Massachusetts medical cannabis patients: Beginning July 1, medical patients will have the opportunity for an “Initial Access Certification” once they have seen their certifying physician.
This access is good for 14 days, so patients will no longer have to wait for the state approval process before having access to medication.
More info:

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Benjamin Caplan, MDMassachusetts patients Initial Access option
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