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A Flavonoid, Silymarin, Shows Therapeutic Activity in Tuberculosis

Silymarin is a natural compound called a flavonoid, which happens to have antioxidant and liver protecting activities. Over many years, it has been proposed as a complementary medicine to reduce the liver injury produced by other medications. Interestingly, it happens to have anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to kill some bacteria. This flavonoid, Silymarin, is found in Milk Thistle… as well as Cannabis..and it seems to have “a significant therapeutic effect []administered alone, or in combination with chemotherapy, in [helping to treat] tuberculosis caused by drug-sensitive or drug-resistant strains[, findings represented here in both] in vitro and in vivo studies”

For many years, Tuberculosis (TB) has been a devastating public health problem, internationally. The treatment of this bacteria has been very limited and loaded with challenges. There is a constant cat/mouse chase between nature and human medicine, as the bacteria continually evolves to out-compete new drugs that are developed to treat it.

Here, yet another amazing potential breakthrough that cannabis brings to the table. Among the other flavonoids besides Silymarin: Orientin, Quercetin, and Kaempferol.

Of note: Silymarin happens to inhibit some liver enzymes, CYP-3A4 and CYP-2C9, which happen to be some of the liver enzymes which help break down cannabis metabolites.

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Benjamin Caplan, MDA Flavonoid, Silymarin, Shows Therapeutic Activity in Tuberculosis
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