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Utilizing Cannabis Practices as a Model for Human Genome Editing in the United Kingdom

License gene edits like cannabis

In Summary

An op-ed in the United Kingdom called for the regulation of editing of the human genome to be modeled after cannabis regulation. The ethics concerning genome editing and human reproduction have been politically and socially dividing, much like the legalization of cannabis. The authoring physician points out that, much like cannabis prohibition, if genomic editing is completely banned a black market will appear, offering risky and illegal procedures. By raising public awareness of the issue and pointing out that the approval of such endeavors will result in the safety of such practices this researcher aims to create a public forum that allows for open political communication. 

Although this piece was featured in the United Kingdom, Americans can learn about the benefits that come from this type of piece. The other does well to point out how prohibition breeds dangerous and illegal practices in the underground. By legalizing cannabis for medical and recreational use the federal and local governments would be able to further regulate cannabis composition and accessibility, as well as ensure purity and safety standards. Legalizing cannabis would also economically benefit the United States by employing cultivators, budtenders, and funding research projects. Legalization would allow for more control and lower the possible dangers of cannabis use. 

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