Homegrown Happiness: Growing Cannabis

What: Laws and regulations about growing cannabis in MA

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Cannabis has earned the name “weed” for good reason. While careful allotments of light, humidity, soil, and nutrients affect its health and potency, cannabis is a resilient plant, built to thrive even in the harshest conditions. With its natural flexibility, cannabis growth can be an enjoyable hobby for people who are interested in growing their own medicine, either for the pleasure of attending to a growing plant or the joy of saving from the costs of dispensary products.

There are regulations and firm restrictions in place for how many plants can be grown in a home and any potential impact on visibility to neighbors. In Massachusetts, each adult may grow up to six plants, themselves, and no more than 12 plants per household with more than two adults.  The plants must be grown in a secure, preferably lockable location, and they may not be visible from a public place.

It’s also important to know that just because it is legal for adults to grow cannabis, landlords and private living facility operators like nursing home or assisted living facilities often have the final say on the cultivation of cannabis on their property.

In general, gardening has been associated with reducing stress, depression, and anger. Considering these benefits, and the positive effects that cannabis medicine offers, once the crop is ready to be cured, cultivating one’s own cannabis is quite an attractive option.

Of note: Cannabis consumed from a home grow should still be lab-tested. Cannabis is a plant especially skilled at absorbing micronutrients (and micro-toxins) from its environment. Even when grown in “organic” soils, undesired contaminants can seep into the plants. Lab testing facilities exist and are easily accessible in all states with legal medical cannabis, and typically cost anywhere from $0 to $100 dollars for basic testing of final plant products.




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Benjamin Caplan, MDHomegrown Happiness: Growing Cannabis

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