Health Risks Associated with Co-Use of Cannabis and Nicotine

Types of cannabis and tobacco_nicotine co-use and associated outcomes in young adulthood

In summary

A recent survey has revealed the increased health risks and behavioral issues of those who use both cannabis and nicotine. After separating survey respondents into five categories based on use patterns (single-product use; concurrent use only; sequential use only; coadministration only; and both sequential use and coadministration) researchers examined the psychological and physical health of respondents finding that those who co-used cannabis and nicotine on the same occasion reported increased use and greater behavioral problems. Those who reported sequential use, so using one product directly before the other, were observed to have worse physical and mental health compared to those who only used one substance. This research may aid in the development of prevention programs by informing program developers about the associated risks of co-use. 

Understanding drug interactions is imperative for the health of the consumers, including those who use tobacco products. Very little research has been conducted that addresses drug interactions with cannabis and although some pharmacies are equipped with lists of theoretical information or previous incidents very little of it is certain. For those who need common medications like blood thinners, muscle relaxants, etc., drug interactions can be dangerous, even fatal, emphasizing the importance of understanding how cannabis interacts with other medications at the cellular level. Pharmacists and physicians need more knowledge to be able to thoroughly inform patients consuming marijuana of the potential risks. Future research should be conducted, as well as chemical modeling studies, to ensure the safety of cannabis users. 

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