The Possible Effects of Cannabis Use in Adolescent Females

What Every Pediatric Gynecologist Should Know About Marijuana Use in Adolescents

In summary

A recent article has called for pediatric gynecologists to ward against the use of cannabis in adolescent females. By pointing out the inconsistent conclusions from multiple papers discussing the effect of cannabis use on neural development and fertility the author hopes to reduce the number of adolescent females utilizing cannabis. It is also pointed out that very little is known about the association between cannabis and mental health problems such as various forms of psychosis, anxiety, and depression. Considering how little conclusive evidence has been agreed upon by overarching associations of medical professions it does seem appropriate to warn against the risks of recreational cannabis but not without also acknowledging the possible benefits of medical cannabis. 

While there are many inconsistencies surrounding cannabis research some of the inconsistent conclusions can be heavily biased by funding parties. Biased articles are difficult to get around because they require fully delving into the material listed analyzed in the paper and looking into the studies that were included and left out of the meta-analysis to determine the validity of their findings. It is extremely frustrating to have articles presented to the public that are so heavily biased they cherry-pick data just to prove their side of a politically controversial therapy. Not all cannabis use is beneficial and is not well understood, but posting articles like this one give fodder to people attempting to prevent the rescheduling of cannabis so that specific chemicals can be harnessed for novel therapies to treat ailments we have no effective treatment for, such as Alzheimer’s, specific cancer types, and a slew of psychiatric disorders. Scientists have a responsibility to remain objective and this type of biased research is disappointing to come across.

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