Arthritis Sufferers Lead the Way for Advancing Cannabis as Pain Medicine

A Weedmaps News piece, looking earnestly at cannabis and arthritis. As the title suggests, arthritis sufferers are, indeed, leading the way for advancing cannabis as pain medicine.

“We know cannabis is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that functions differently from other drugs like Tylenol, Ibuprofen, steroids, or the biological options that work on the immune system and can present severe side-effects,” Caplan told Weedmaps News. “We don’t see that w/ cannabis”

“There is still not enough of what modern medicine calls the gold standard- randomized trials or review trials that collect multiple studies – but anecdote is not meaningless,” Caplan said.

“Stories we hear from individuals are very meaningful and worthwhile,” Caplan said. “We live in a scientific culture that thinks we should discount anecdotes and only pay attention to the highest quality data, which I think is misleading and not fair.”

Benjamin Caplan, MDArthritis Sufferers Lead the Way for Advancing Cannabis as Pain Medicine
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Do-it-Yourself Cannabis-infused lubricants

Cannabis-infused lubricant can increase blood flow for men and create full-body experiences for women. Find out how to make your own infused lube at home with this video tutorial!

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Benjamin Caplan, MDDo-it-Yourself Cannabis-infused lubricants
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Video: Do-It-Yourself Cannabis Tinctures

One of the terrific realities of modern Cannabis is that it is possible, and often quite simple, to make effective products at home. With suitable education and access to testing facilities, the soil, nutrients, and plant growth can be supported at home, lab-tested for make-up and potency, as well as safety-checked for potential microscopic contaminants, and ultimately, individualized medicine can be created right at home!

Here is a sample instructional for just one way that cannabis tincture can be made at home. There are countless others and hopefully, many that are yet to be discovered!

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Benjamin Caplan, MDVideo: Do-It-Yourself Cannabis Tinctures
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DIY Cannabis-Infused Lotion

Building on a baseline of safety, one of the most exciting aspects of the Medical Cannabis revolution is the opportunity for all to explore creatively, as we each continue to learn more about cannabis. What better way to embrace empowerment than by making safe medicine yourself?

Please share your experiences with DIY cannabis! What are your favorite recipes? What online resources have taught you something great?! Who are your favorite social media follows… and why?

Due to its pain-reducing effects, cannabis-infused lotion is becoming increasingly popular. And the good news is that you can make your own topical right at home! Follow the video tutorial below to create your own cannabis-infused salve or lotion.

Benjamin Caplan, MDDIY Cannabis-Infused Lotion
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Maintain a Balanced Diet when Consuming Oral Cannabidiol

Title: Food effect on pharmacokinetics of cannabidiol oral capsules in adult patients with refractory epilepsy

Researchers have recently revealed the importance of maintaining a balanced diet, when consuming cannabidiol (CBD). Consuming oral capsules containing CBD may be a more consistent method of consumption than blending CBD into liquids or solid foods, but unfortunately, capsules do not prevent a high degree of potential fluctuation of dosing. The fat content of a meal may vary widely, and so may change the active concentrations of CBD which become active in the bloodstream. In other words, the effects felt by a consumer may be either stronger or weaker, and differ in duration, related to the method of consumption, and the product make-up taken. Patients considering CBD as a therapeutic intervention, who also want a consistency of effect, would be wise to be mindful to maintain a diet with a balanced amount of fat (oils, butter, etc.) when consuming CBD capsules. 

This article highlights the variation of effects felt when altering consumption methods. For example, edibles and inhaled cannabinoids of the same dosage have extremely different effects, because of how they are processed in the body processes. When inhaled, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) diffuses across structures in the lungs known as alveoli, and are then transmitted to circulate throughout the bloodstream. Edibles introduce THC into the system by first metabolizing with liver enzymes, resulting in an altered metabolite of THC circulating throughout the body. This subtly-altered metabolite of THC can be more potent than the starting material, although the onset is delayed due to the process of consumption, digestion, and metabolism. All consumers would do well to research their consumption method of choice and proceed carefully when switching between methods. 

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Benjamin Caplan, MDMaintain a Balanced Diet when Consuming Oral Cannabidiol
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Topical Cannabis to help heal chronic wounds

Another thoughtful piece by Abbie Rosner at Forbes, reviewing the healing of chronic wounds with topical cannabis treatments.

Benjamin Caplan, MDTopical Cannabis to help heal chronic wounds
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