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A Flavonoid Improves Neurocognitive Function and Mood in Seniors

A highly bioavailable curcumin extract improves neurocognitive function and mood in healthy older people- A 12-week randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial

In Summary

A recent study has revealed the neurocognitive benefits of curcumin, a flavonoid isolated from turmeric. Curcumin extract was given to a cohort of healthy, aged individuals over a 12-week period. At the end of that period improved working memory, as well as reduced fatigue and stress reactivity,  were all recorded effects. A preceding study recorded similar effects from curcumin extract that were seen at 4 weeks, suggesting that the supplement works quickly and maintains effectiveness. The extract, also known as LongvidaTM, improves overall hippocampal function and may prevent cognitive decline in aging individuals. 

The desire to prevent neurocognitive decline is evergrowing as individuals continue to be plagued by diagnoses of dementia, Alzheimer’s, and numerous other neurocognitive diseases associated with aging. Compounds found in cannabis plants, various cannabinoids, flavonoids similar to curcumin, and terpenes, have been found to have neuroprotective effects. If preventative measures can be found to delay or completely eradicate neurodegenerative diseases it would lessen the economic burden posed by such patients, ease the lives of caretakers, and allow patients for freedom and a better quality of life. Further research should continue to focus on this line of work. 

The study is available for review or download here

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Medical Cannabis for Adults Over 50

In Summary:

As with all elements of the aging process, the human endocannabinoid system loses tone over time. Whether it is a reduction in the numbers of cannabinoid receptors or a slow waning of the machinery used to create the signaling molecules that bind to the receptors or the natural senescence of the system that supports all of these normal signaling processes, the fact remains that adults over 50 are best-suited for external support for the endocannabinoid system.

Indeed, the average age at dispensaries is surprising to most who are not familiar with the modern medical cannabis arena. Baby Boomers, perhaps more than any other age group, tend to dominate the medical cannabis dispensaries. This is no new phenomenon, however. Through the ages, across cultures and around the globe, cannabis has been consumed primarily by older adults. Whether by tribe elders, wise councilmen, spiritual leaders, or the educated elite, cannabis has been an integral part of human aging for as long as we have recorded history.

Here, a review out of Israel followed at 184 patients over 65 (average age was 81.2) beginning cannabis treatment. 63.6% were female. “After six months of treatment, 58.1% were still using cannabis. Of these patients, 33.6% reported adverse events, the most common of which were dizziness (12.1%) and sleepiness and fatigue (11.2%). Of the respondents, 84.8% reported some degree of improvement in their general condition.”

Appropriately, the authors advise caution for older adults related to those adults who may be consuming multiple pharmaceuticals, for potential medication interaction effects, as well as nervous system impairment, and increased cardiovascular risk for those who may quire the concern. Wisely, they recommend that “Medical cannabis should still be considered carefully and individually for each patient after a risk-benefit analysis and followed by frequent monitoring for efficacy and adverse events.”

Dr. Caplan and the #MDTake:

At CED Clinic, we have long seen that the average age of medical patients is over 50. Whether for concerns related to sleep, pain, mental or physical health, it seems as though Baby Boomers have either weathered enough politics to have developed a healthy cynicism for the misinformation campaigns of the 1930s and 1970s, or they have direct or indirect experience with cannabis to have learned of its safety and efficacy. Either way, it is quickly reclaiming its historical place in the care of older adults, although oddly… it seems to be a demographic skipped over by the marketing systems of most establishments in the cannabis arena, at least for now.

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View this review (yellow link) or download:

This paper is also stored here:     inside the CED Foundation Archive

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Kudos @abbierosner for this moving piece in CBD Today, “SENIORS, CBD, AND THE LAWS OF ATTRACTION” The article reviews an evolving #CBD playing field, the fears, the market, and a few sprinkled quotes by Dr Laurie Vollen, @JamiePaz, and me!

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Seniors, CBD, and the laws of attraction article substance

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